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Free Registration

Register for free to get access to the 3D Mapper and try all features.

Choose a Location

Search for the desired location. Select the size and clipping of an area.

3D Map Preview

Create a preview of the 3D map, explore it and get a snapshot for free.

Download it

Download the 3D file, the high-res Heightmap+Texture and the Embed Set.

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Explore and Create

instantly custom 3D maps online

In no time and without any additional software

easily creates a 3D map preview of a location

of almost every place on earth.

View and Present

your 3D maps online and offline

  • Offline

    Present your 3D map with PowerPoint or view and edit it with many available free desktop viewers.

  • Mobile

    Use free apps for mobile and tablet to view and present your maps in a 3D View and even display them in AR mode.

  • Online

    Get access to your 3D maps from anywhere. Use free browser viewers to show your 3D maps or embed them on your website or blog.

Embed and share

Your 3D map on your website or blog

With the Embed Set the interactive 3D map can also be integrated in your website, where you can use it as a location display, a driving direction, for presentations and much more.

Export and import

use your 3D map with other software

  • Export as 3D file

    Export the 3D map as glTF to share, embed, use offline, or continue editing with other programs

  • Import and convert

    Convert the glTF or GLB map (e.g. to .obj or .stl) to use and edit it with many other 3D apps.

  • Heightmap+Texture

    Download the high-res Heighmap and Texture Set to generate detailed 3D maps with your own software.

3D Print

your 3D maps to touch

The final 3D map can be exported as glTF and then easily converted to a printable 3D file.

What you get

Free Snapshot

Download for free the 3D map preview as a static image. The preview is also available as an isolated image with a transparent background or different background sky presets.

3D Map Embed Set

Show your interactive 3D map with your individual settings on a website. No software is necessary! You will get a complete package that just has to be embedded.

glTF – 3D File

The final 3D map can be dowloaded as a glTF file, so you can view it offline and continue working on it with other 3D programs.

Heightmap & Texture

You will get the heightmap with a matching texture in the highest possible resolution. You can use it to create and edit your own 3D maps with our Photoshop plug-ins or any common 3D app.

Also for Photoshop

3D Map Generator – Photoshop plugin

Are you using Photoshop CC-2015 or later?

Try our plugin for Photoshop. Easy and convenient to use.

With amazing results!

To download the free WordPress plugin you have to be logged in and have at least 5 map credit.

To download the free Blender add-on you have to be logged in and have at least 1 map credit.