Where can I find my purchased 3D map?

After purchasing, you can find your maps in the Dashboard > Your Maps > Downloads with all download options to choose from. You must be logged in with the buyer account.

Can I use the 3D maps for my commercial projects?

The commercial use requires the purchase of a product and must be in agreement with the term of use of the respective map source data: Use of Maps

What about buildings on the 3D map?

The source data is a Digital terrain model, which represents the bare ground surface, excluding buildings and plants. Buildings are not presented as a elevation on the 3D map.

Why doesn’t the site work in my browser?

The site requires a browser which supports WebGL, which it uses for the 3D previews. Some older browsers might not support this.

3D-Mapper.com was developed and tested with the latest version of Firefox, Chrome and MS Edge.