3D-Mapper Tools Overview

To explore the 3D-Mapper with its basic features you have to create an account. To get the access to all features there must be minimum 1 credit available in your profile.

1. Select Area

  1. Searchbar. Search for cities and places. Locations that are not listed can be found with coordinates and GoogleMaps.
  2. Zoom Level. Shows the current zoom level of the map.
  3. Search with coordinates (details see below)
  4. GPS file upload (details see below)
  5. Map Layer*
  6. After successful selection, the 3D map is generated.
  7. Dashboard
  8. Fullscreen modus
  9. Zoom in / out
  10. Selection rectangle
  11. Map Data Attribution

*Note: Minimum 1 credit available to get the access to all layers. At the moment there are 5 different layers available each with different available zoom levels. 

2. Search with Coordinates

  1. Search with Google Maps Urls. Is a location found with Google Maps, this Url can be copied and that way found in 3D-Mapper.
  2. If  the coordinates of a location are available as longitude and latitude, they can be entered here.
  3. Coordinates of example locations

3. Upload GPS file

  1. Choose track color
  2. Choose track size (2px, 4px, 6px)
  3. Choose layer
  4. Choose your track (.gpx or .kml)

4. Edit and Buy Your 3D Map

  1. Back to location selection
  2. Back to the current map area to edit selection or map layer
  3. Snapshot of the current map
  4. Buy the current map
  5. Map Editor (details see below)

5. Editor

  1. Name or rename your map project
  2. Rotation speed and orientation
  3. Map height
  4. Subdivisions level*

*Subdivisions level is the level of details of the map mesh (Save map to make the change visible)

  1. Add marking with text
  2. Add Pin with custom color
  3. Delete Pins and/or Marker

  1. Water level
  2. Wave height

  1. Brightness of the light source
  2. X-position of the light source
  3. Y-position of the light source
  4. Z-position of the light source

  1. Texture brightness
  2. Texture contrast
  3. Preview and crop

Note: minimum 1 credit available to get the access

  1. Choose an edge texture or color

  1. Choose a background theme or color or set the background transparent

To download the free WordPress plugin you have to be logged in and have at least 5 map credit.

To download the free Blender add-on you have to be logged in and have at least 1 map credit.