Get your 3D map as 3D file (GLTF / GLB)

You can download your final 3D map as a glTF (3D file). The glTF is a relatively new open 3D file format specifically for internet application. The glTF is versatile and can easily be converted into other 3D file formats.


Usage of the glTF / GLB

  • Embed on your website with the aid of a free viewer (example see below)
  • Convert with a free app (e.g. Blender) into OBJ to use the 3D map in other programs
  • Convert with a free app (e.g. Blender) into STL to prepare the 3D map for printing


Read more about the glTF

Embed your 3D Map as glTF model on your website or blog

Babylon.js Viewer - Display a 3D model