Frequently asked Questions

This is how you create your own 3D map in a few minutes with the 3D Mapper Studio online:

  1. Register or log in with your account
  2. Search for the desired place or area in the location browser
  3. Select a texture tile set and generate a 3d map
  4. Design the finished 3D map with the different style options (map height, rotation, marker and pins, water level, light settings, texture, edges, background)
  5. Download the 3D map in the desired format (3d file(*.glb, *.gltf), hi-res image(*.png), embed set(*.html), 3d print file(*.stl, *. obj), hi-res texture set(*.png))

Check out these tutorials to learn more about creating 3D maps or

After purchasing, you can find your maps in the Dashboard > Your Maps > Purchases with all download options to choose from. You must be logged in with the buyer account.

You can easily convert your glTF/GLB 3D map files to another file format using one of the free and open source apps Blender or MeshLap. First import the glTF/GLB map and then export it to the desired 3D file format.

Some export file formats that MeshLap support:

  • 3ds
  • ply
  • obj
  • dae
  • u3d
  • xyz

Some export file formats that Blender support:

  • ply
  • obj
  • dae
  • x3d
The commercial use requires the purchase of a product and must be in agreement with the term of use of the respective map source data: Use of Maps

The source data is a Digital terrain model, which represents the bare ground surface, excluding buildings and plants. Buildings are not presented as an elevation on the 3D map. However, with our latest updates, it’s now possible to add custom elements such as houses and various other objects to the map. These elements can be enriched with additional information like popups, links, and descriptions, providing a more comprehensive view of the surroundings. Explore the possibilities of our Elements feature to enhance your 3D maps with detailed and informative content.

The site requires a browser which supports WebGL, which it uses for the 3D previews. Some older browsers might not support this. was developed and tested with the latest version of Firefox, Chrome and MS Edge.

Currently, it’s only possible to upload one path per GPX/KML file.