Free 3D Map Snapshot

Create and download your own 3D Map as Screenshot for free

Take a snapshot of your 3D map for free and download it as a static image file. You will get your map as a PNG file optionally with a sky view or a transparent background. You may use this snapshot for private projects with attribution. If you bought the 3D Map Set you are also allowed to use it for commercial purposes.

Free 3D Map Screenshot

Transparent background, PNG file

Download free 3D Map

Sky background, PNG file

3D Map as free Snapshot

Illustrated background, PNG file

Download Free Map Icons

If you bought a 3D Map Set, you get the 14-part map icon set as editable PSD Photoshop file and PNG.
With it you can design your final maps in GIMP or Photoshop.

Snapshot Examples

Some examples where 3D map snapshots are used. Click to enlarge.

Infographic 3D Map

Tri Fold with 3D Maps

POI 3D Map

Directions 3D Map

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