3D Print Your Map

Hold your 3D map in your hands. Can you feel the mountains and valleys? This is undoubtedly a new dimension!
The final 3D map can be exported as a 3d-print-ready STL or OBJ file. Now you can print your map as big as you want!

There is no 3D printer available right now? Just use an online service for 3D printing for example: Sculpteo, Shapeways, Hubs or search for a local 3D print shop.

3D Print Ideas

3D printed map glued in a picture frame
3D Print glued on wood
Simple 3D print - Mt. Everest (PLA)



Export your 3D map as .stl or .obj for 3d printing

.stl is the most basic format of all. Simply put, it’s just a list of triangles. Widely supported and suitable for 3D printing.

.obj is one of the oldest and most widely supported file formats. You can export it for 3d printing only without UV and textures.

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