Image Export

Download high resolution images of your 3D map with transparent background. Position the map to perfectly fit your layout. You can zoom and rotate the map to any angle to export an image of that perspective.

Usage Ideas

3D map as poster print in a picture frame
3D map canvas print - Switzerland
3D map of an area in the Dolomites in a book

A 3D map can be used in print media in various ways. Here are some potential applications:

Tourism brochures: A 3D map can be used in tourism brochures to give visitors a better idea of where attractions are located and how they are connected. A 3D map can also be used to showcase a city or region and display important information such as distances and public transportation options.

Real estate advertisements: A 3D map can be used in real estate advertisements to show potential buyers the location and surroundings of a property. A 3D map can also help buyers get a better sense of the neighborhood and nearby amenities.

Event programs: A 3D map can be used in event programs to help attendees navigate the venue and find key locations such as restrooms, food stands, and seating areas. A 3D map can also help event organizers showcase the layout and design of the venue.

Overall, incorporating a 3D map in print media can be an effective way to enhance the reader’s understanding of a specific location or event and provide valuable information. Whether you’re promoting tourism, real estate, or events, a 3D map can help engage your audience and improve their overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The smallest image size is 1000 x 1000 px, the largest 4000 x 4000 px.The largest possible map surface texture is always used to create the export image. If the texture size is small, the 3d map surface texture may be blurry.
The image is exported as PNG with a transparent background. The color space is RGB with 72dpi.
Yes, you can print the maps: Depending on which purchase option (starter / eco or business) you have chosen, you can print the maps for private or commercial purposes. Please read the Use of Maps.

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