Interactive 3D Maps
For Your WordPress Website

How it works

The 3D-Mapper plugin for WordPress helps you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced web designer, to easily create a custom 3D maps and add them to your own website – all without any code! With just one click you can import the 3D maps into your WordPress website. The maps still contain all the settings that you previously saved in the Studio editor. However, you can change all parameters (except labels and pins) with the plugin at any time and adapt them to the website.

On Your Website In Minutes

1. Create

Create your individual 3D map in the studio

2. Import

Import your 3D map with just one click into your WordPress website

3. Embed

Embed the final 3D map on your website via shortcode

Plugin Features

  • Reset and edit all map features (except markers): map height, scene lighting, zoom, rotation, skybox theme, edge texture, water settings
  • Import 3D maps with just one click
  • Embed the maps with a simple shortcode
  • Use your own texture and heightmaps
  • Use the high-res texture layers
  • Set canvas size
  • Make the background transparent
  • Disable zoom
  • Add your own background image or color
  • Hide map edges
  • Add overlay: headline, subline and button

No coding is required to edit or embed the 3D maps on your website.

The plugin is 100% WordPress compatible and works with all themes.

With the user-friendly plugin map editor, it is easy to adapt and integrate the 3D maps.

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