glFT and GLB

Download your 3D map as a 3D file to enormously expand its range of applications. You will get your 3D map in the glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) format. This relatively new 3D file format is called the “JPEG of 3D” and is already supported by many softwares.


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View, present, share, edit, export, print: In the glTF format you can view, present and share your 3D map online and offline with many free viewers. The glTF map can be used in different 3D softwares like Blender or be converted into other standard 3D file formats like OBJ or STL to use it in other 2D and 3D apps like Zbrush, 3D Max, Photoshop etc. or for printing.

Examples of use

Viewers, Converters, Importers and Exporters


Export your 3D map as .stl or .obj for 3d printing


.stl is the most basic format of all. Simply put, it’s just a list of triangles. Widely supported and suitable for 3D printing.


.obj is one of the oldest and most widely supported file formats. You can export it for 3d printing only without UV and textures.


Export your 3D map as a glTF and GLB file in different resoultions or as STL and OBJ for 3d-printing. Choose one of the presets that is suitable for the intended further use.

  1. Export Formats
  2. Presets of optimized settings
  3. Export as GLB
  4. Export as glTF

  1. Wireframe
  2. Export as STL
  3. Export as OBJ (without texture)

Note: To download the glTF files you need the latest browser version of Firefox or Chrome

Blender: Export your 3D Map GLB / glTF file to an OBJ or printatble STL file

3D Builder: Save your 3D Map GLB / glTF file to an OBJ or printatble STL file