How to embed your 3D map in WordPress

[3D_Mapp id=”1″]

To show your 3D map on a WordPress website or blog, the complete 3D map folder of the download has to be uploaded via FTP client. That can be done with the free software Filezilla for example.


Now, with the aid of an iFrame, the link can be inserted in any site or post.

Embed via iFrame


1. Upload your 3D-Map folder to your website via FTP client

(Click on the picture to enlarge)


2. Copy the iFrame Code Snippet of the read_me.html and insert the URL to your 3D map.


3. Insert the complete iFrame snippet into your WordPress page or post. Necessarily use the text editor.

To download the free WordPress plugin you have to be logged in and have at least 5 map credit.

To download the free Blender add-on you have to be logged in and have at least 1 map credit.